Admission Procedure

1. Parents seeking admission for their wards make an enquiry for admission either telephonically or by visiting the school. The Admission Counsellor conducts a school tour and shares admission details with the parents. The parent has to ensure the AGE ELIGIBILITY of the child.

2. If the parent is interested in admitting his / her ward, the parent has to Register the name of the child after payment of a Non-refundable Registration Fee of ` 500/-. A Registration kit is handed over to the parent.


3. The Admission office will schedule an appointment for ‘Interaction’ for admission to Nursery to Grade 8 OR the date of the Admission Test for Grade 9. Interactions/ Admission Tests are typically scheduled during the week between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. However, in special cases of emergency, an alternate day may be considered.


4. On the scheduled Interaction / Admission Test day, both parents along with their ward(s) need to report to the school. The procedure to be followed -


For Nursery to Grade 8  For Grade 9


 1. Interaction with a subject teacher / co-ordinator.

 2. Interaction of the parents along with the child with the Admission Committee.


 1. Admission Test in English, Mathematics and Hindi. (Syllabus Attached)

 2. Interaction of the parents and child with the Admission Committee.


6. After the Interaction / Admission Test, Parents will be intimated the class to which the child is found eligible for admission. Thereafter, the parent(s) will have to complete the Admission formalities as given below


1. Fill up and submit the completed Admission Form along with all relevant documents. If any of the documents are not available at the time of admission, the same must be submitted within 15 Days,failing which the admission of the student will be cancelled and no fees will be refunded.