Columbia Juniors


We are delighted to introduce “Columbia Juniors” amidst the city of Raipur. We want to ‘Make your childs first step to Learning - Special.’

The school is situated in the Mowa Area of Raipur. We at Columbia Juniors completely focus on giving a Homely Environment to our Junior Columbians.

Columbia Juniors makes your child Happy and helps them grow with:


It has been rightly said that ‘a Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body’. To provide a Healthy mind and a Healthy Environment, we incorporate Yoga or Aerobics everyday.


The care and love that we give, makes all our students ‘Independentthinkers and doers. We believe in building a child’s character strong. We make enthusiastic & confident learners and try to remove all fear from within our children by organizing various Activities and Celebrations throughout the year.

We also make it a point to stay in touch with all the Parents for the better development of their child through regular one to one interaction with parents.


Like Columbia Global School, Columbia Juniors also emphasizes on “Activity Based Learning to make learning more easy and interesting for the child to understand and grasp concepts.

Learning by Doing’ and ‘Experiencing Learning’ techniques helps a child learn faster, better and the child retains his learning for a longer time and can apply the knowledge in real life situations.



To  enhance the reading skills of all our students, Columbia Juniors offers a well designed and equipped “READING ZONE” where children can get a taste of some of the best books which can make them hungry to know more and learn more.


We believe in nurturing a child’s creativity and imagination. To develop these skills, we provide a Scribbling Zone for our children to scribble their imagination and create their own World.

Kreedo Activity

Kreedo is a comprehensive and complete kindergarten solution that helps us to adopt a revolutionary curriculum and also helps in upgrading the early year’s programs in our pre-primary classes. Daily Kreedo activities help in improving the learning outcomes of our students in their early years, which in turn drives better learning outcomes in the primary and secondary years. The focus again is on activity & fun based experiential learning.


‘Only children believe that they are capable of doing everything’.

For the all round development of a child, Columbia Global School and Columbia Juniors provide a series of Co-curricular Activities like Dance, Art, Robotics, Games and so on. Our well equipped “AV ROOM” & Robotics Lab among others help to enhance their skills and in their overall development, towards becoming confident learners.

At Columbia, we want each child to be confident Independent individuals who will be strong Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.