The Students of Grade 1 onwards are divided into four houses with each house headed by a House Mentor/In-charge and a team of teachers with a Captain(s) and/or Vice Captain(s). 

The four houses in alphabetical order are-


(House Colour – Green)
MOTTO “Pride in Humility, Wealth in Generosity”


(House Colour – Yellow)
MOTTO ‘The Beauty of Humbleness with the Power of the Youth’


(House Colour – Red)
MOTTO “Endurance, Fidelity, Sedulous”


(House Colour – Blue)
MOTTO ‘Aspire Together, Achieve Together’

Inter House Competitions have been planned which are listed in the forthcoming pages. It is mandatory for every student to participate in ATLEAST ONE (1) completion in each category. The class teacher and competition in charge will be keeping a track of each student’s participation. 

Parents must encourage their wards to participate in a competition according to the child’s interest. The same can be communicated to the class teachers during the PTM’s. Participation in these competitions will help the child to grow in confidence and develop his personality thus leading to the overall development of the child.