Theme Park

"The best way to predict our future is to create it.".

- Abraham Lincoln

The theme park is a play area where students can relax and have fun. It presents a different learning experience for each kid. The theme park consists of the Traffic Park, Science Park and Play Stations.



The Traffic Park is built to make students awareness about traffic rules and safety on the road. The idea behind this is to enlighten students about the road rules that they must incorporate into their day-to-day life, so as to make them inculcate traffic sense and respect for the law, which in turn will make our nation a better and safer place in future.

Students will develop a sense of operation of traffic signals, a zebra crossing, a level cross, etc.



As we believe in the concept of learning by Fun, the Science Park has been developed to clear some concepts of science based on topics like sound, gravity and light using playing equipments.



An outdoor kid zone, where tiny tots can enjoy themselves and have fun, on the Multi – Play stations, playing on swings, sliders, see saws and other such recreational equipment. It is one of the best ways to develop flexibility and physical strength in them. Their gross motor skills are also enhanced.